On Friday 2nd February Londoneast-uk hosted London Borough of Barking and Dagenham Council’s Civic Dinner and Awards in one of the recently refurbished events suites, and the event went down a success!

Delivering his speech to an audience of over 200 people, LBBD Council Leader Cllr Darren Rodwell said, “Londoneast was at the heart of the regeneration of Barking & Dagenham’s growth. In delivering growth and employment that they were once famous for cars, now we shall be famous for films.”

He continued to say, “Londoneast’s team and what they have achieved is an inspiration to the council in terms of regeneration and what’s possible for the borough.”

The event welcomed the Lord Mayor along with LBBD leaders and councillors, and enjoyed live acts, an award ceremony and entertainment throughout the evening.

Londoneast-uk’s Accommodation Services manager Ian Williams was in attendance and commented “as always it was a pleasure to host LBBD at yet another successful event at Londoneast-uk. Events like this further expand our relationships with our great local community here in East London.”

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