londoneast-uk business and technical park is the talk of the town  

George Freeman, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Life Sciences:

“One of the key parts of our Life Science strategy is to help the industry evolve from the 20th century model and sites to a 21st century model. In Dagenham what we are seeing is UK companies being helped to convert sites of yesterday into the sites of tomorrow.

“This is a brilliant example – Sanofi working with SOG – pioneering a new way of rapidly converting a site of 20th century big pharma research into an innovator, a catalyst, an incubator for the small companies of tomorrow. Little companies that couldn’t afford the world-class facilities on their own at this site will be able to access world-class facilities to do their research.

“I pay tribute to the work that Sanofi have done with the SOG Group, and it’s part of a series of projects in the UK that I’m going to be highlighting as best practice in a project to look at how we can do the same in other sites when they come on stream.”


Jon Cruddas, MP for Dagenham and Rainham:

“It is absolutely vital what SOG Group are doing in londoneast. It’s about creating a hub for new technology; new jobs; state-of-the-art facilities to attract new businesses into the east London area but into the Dagenham area in particular.”


London Borough of Barking and Dagenham. Council Leader Darren Rodwell:

“SOG has been a shining example of how they work with local communities in getting the best out of them. We are really proud to have them as a partner in the londoneast project.

“As a partner in redeveloping this site we want to work with SOG Group and we will give incentives to national and international companies to come here and actually start producing world renowned medicines or sciences that will actually take the Borough brand out into the global market.”